High Quality Machine Made Persian Rug

This design is from our latest 2019 collection. It has a knot count of 1,000 reeds per metre and a density of 3,000! This rug is woven with heat-set acrylic yarn, 100% cotton weft yarn and manufactured using the latest rug technology.

With 2,000,000 points, weighting at 4kg per square metre and a pile height of 8mm, this is hands down the highest quality machine made rug on the market.

To the untrained eye this will be mistaken for a hand made rug! Feel the embossed 3D design every time you step on the rug or brush your hand across the surface.

Don’t compromise your living space with other cheap inferior Polypropylene rugs on the market, compliment your furniture with a real Persian rug!


  • High not count – 1000 reeds per metre
  • 3D design – flowers and pattern are embossed
  • Handmade look
  • Not inflammable
  • Antistatic
  • Anti bacterial
  • Soil & water Repellent
  • Due to weighting 4kg per square metre, this rug will not easily slip or slide.
  • Easy to clean – any spills can be removed with carpet cleaner solution.
  • Non-odour – cleaned spillage will not leave an odour unlike other rugs on the market (including handmade!)
  • Colour – fast – died in colours that will not fade or get washed out.
  • Pin pointed to a high degree of accuracy resulting in a extremely fine finish.
  • 100% quality gaurantee, this rug will not fray and taken care of will last you a decade or more.

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