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I love rugs! For me, a house without a rug is incomplete. They serve as a  comfortable space for children to play indoors. They bring that feeling of warmth to the home. In addition, they make any room in the house look wonderful, well, only if the color of the rug is appropriate, right? Choosing the color of the rug for your home is not as simple as it seems; there are several aspects to consider. In this article, we are going to see the things that should be taken into account in choosing the correct rug color for your home.


Ideally, the rug in the room should be complemented with the walls, right? So, keep in mind that the rug cannot be the same color as the walls or else you will get a monochromatic room without grace, but you must take into account that the colors must be of a good combination. For instance, if the walls are lilac and the rug is red, that is definitely not right.


You had not thought about it, don’t you? That’s why you are here! To know all the secrets to have the perfect rug; this is one of them: If the windows let in a lot of light and make the room shine, it would be best if you opt for a rug color that is cheerful to make your home shine even more and add the glamor you are looking for.


Have you ever thought about combining the color of the door with the rug? Well, now you know that it is an option that you can consider to make your room look more beautiful. For example, the white doors make the bright rugs look great, while the wooden doors are better with colored rugs played. Do you now imagine the great difference it can make? Let’s keep going.


Elemental, my dear friend. It is clear that the rug cannot be completely out of tune with the furniture. If this thing was done incorrectly, instead of having a harmonic room, you will have a colorful carnival inside your house. As with the door, if you have wooden-colored furniture, you can play with an intense color on your rugs; if your furniture is cream or white, you may want to choose a neutral color.


I bet you had not thought about this: The rug reflects on the ceiling. Am I correct? So if the ceiling of the room where you want to place the rug is white, it is best to choose a stronger rug color, on the other hand, if the ceiling is painted with color, the best option will be to choose a rug of some pastel color.

Ready to choose the perfect rug color? Cool! Now, your task is to discover how to choose the perfect rug for each room. Your house will look like never it never had before!

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